Monday, November 21, 2016

Thanksgiving Week

Here on the homestead, we celebrated Thanksgiving yesterday due to work schedules. Next time I bake another Pumpkin Pie I need to bake it a little longer. I am so out of practice with my cooking skills. Pie was good but the center was more like a pumpkin pudding.  It was a beautiful snow flurry day. My goat barn was being worked on by Mr. Farmer and one son. They are doing such nice work.

Mr. Farmer had worked extremely hard over the summer to get my pine tongue and groove wall up. All but one wall is completed and we still have finish work to complete and next year's goal is flooring. We still have sub flooring. I would love to get old barn wood that is 12-18 inch wide for the floors. But that is my dream, we will see what type of wood floors we install next year.

All of our fall piggy sold this year. Thank you to one special gentleman. The pigs we now have are our breeders and our spring butchering pigs. I never thought I would raise my own food when I was young. But life's dreams and goals have changed over the years. Our goal is to be as self sufficient as possible.

This week has been a trying week for my skill set. I have had many failures. From flop batches of soap to not so hot cooking. Life is a journey and I will continue to grow.

I pray everyone has a blessed Thanksgiving!


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