Monday, November 28, 2016

New Goat Barn

This is the side of my goat barn/house that is 3/4s the way done. I am so very happy. Now need to make a small partition in side, so I can next Mackey milking sanction.  Baby steps. We only need a small amount of fencing completed, then my girls can enjoy their new pasture.

I have been busy inside today. My son and granddaughter are coming for a working visit this weekend and my other son is coming over to help Farmer John get a well working. Water is so precious here at times.

I made a batch meatballs today, froze some and now some are cooking in sauce for supper tonight. Sorry no pictures, my computer is only allowing me to upload one at a time. Or maybe I am still computer illiterate. Hahaha

Have a blessed day!

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