Friday, November 18, 2016

Homestead Happenings 2016

It has been a busy couple of years. I cannot believe it has been so long. Well first big news is I have 2 beautiful granddaughters. They are my sun shines and bring me such joy. I don't see them as much as I would love to but I sure enjoy when I do.

Thanksgiving is right around the corner. Reminds me of everything I am so thankful for. We will be celebrating on Sunday, in 2 days. I need to start some cooking today. My son works on Thursday and I will most likely be working also. So all is good with an early celebration.

I have been busy on the homestead. This past week alone I canned cranberry sauce and pineapple jam. Throughout the summer I canned lots of our vegetables for the year.

I have been busy making Cristmas presents and just getting ready for the holidays.

Today's weather is in the 70s and sunny. Tomorrow they are talking snow. Hope I have some Dr. Christopher's antiplague in the refrigerator. I will need to check in a few minutes. It is a great immune booster.
Okay, I am unable to post pictures. So this is the end of the update as I figure out what is going on.


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