Thursday, August 7, 2014

Garden Pickins' and Board and Batten

Our garden as been productive this year. At least more so than last year. At the moment it is full of weeds but we are still picking and preserving our produce.

Behind the vegetables is a jar of soap slivers I have been saving to make liquid soap with. Once I get motivated, I will post instructions and pictures.

I have been busy canning; squash, green beans and pickles. Next up will be spaghetti sauce and anything else that becomes available. I have been freezing my spare peppers to use during the winter. There is nothing like a big 'ol pot of chili on a cold winters day.

I have been adding squash and zucchini to almost every meal. There are so many ways to prepare these veggies and not follow the same old recipes.

Mr. Farmer was able to sell all his available piglets for this season. That was such a blessing. I am pretty sure three of our sows have been breed for an early fall delivery. Never thought we would be pig farmers but I have been falling in love with raising pigs.

I recently brought home a new beautiful black rooster who is a very kind soul and also brought home a broody hen with him. I think the move has stressed out the hen, she is not setting. I hope over some time she will begin setting again.

Mr. Farmer and friend have been working hard at getting the siding up on the house this summer. There is still more batten to put on and there is a section near the electrical and gas lines that need to be completed.

Our front porch....

Back porch......  The window above the porch was going to originally be a balcony but since I am accident prone; Mr. Farmer decided to lean towards safety and put in a nice window. The green section is the only area left that needs both the board and batten put on. Both porch ares still need the batten. So all is going well and I am grateful for Mr. Farmer for all the work he has been doing, especially since he is not a construction person. He is learning as he goes.

Once the exterior construction is done, BOY, do we have a major mess to clean.

Well pot roast is cooking for dinner and I have some reading I want to complete before a job interview I have on Monday.

Blessings from Bountiful Homestead!