Monday, June 23, 2014

Summertime on the Homestead in WV

Today is another very warm day on the homestead. Mr. Farmer and friend are working diligently on the exterior of our home. I have not been out being nosy to see what they have gotten accomplished yet today. When I go out for evening chores I will take a look and hopefully take a few pictures. The progress is slow but I have to remind myself that the two men, who I very much appreciate, are not carpenters. They are learning as they are going.

I do have a batch of Homesteader's soap curing. It is not very nice looking at the moment but will be trimmed up and be 4 oz. bars when completed. It takes about three weeks to cure. It has no scent and forms a nice hard bar of soap.

I actually made two batches of this soap and ended up throwing out the first batch. I think the first batch had a huge chemical reaction with the old pot I was using. It just did not look right. Better safe than sorry, so yesterday a new batch was made and turned out beautifully except for my first cut job. 

Zoey, my little dog and Emma my cat; both have the right idea in how to handle the heat by laying in the living room in front of the fan. They are such sweet little farm animals.

My goal tonight is to put my new young chickens in with the older chikens once it gets dark and they begin to roost. They are just about to begin laying soon or at least in the next month. What I have read is they are a little more accepting if you put them in there at night. So I am hoping all goes well. I have not had good luck previously introducing new hens into established flocks.

OK, off to begin supper. We are having hamburgers, cauliflower and broccholi from the garden.

Blessings from Bountiful Homestead!

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