Saturday, June 14, 2014

Homestead Progress

I have not written forever. I am so very sorry.

There has been slight progress on the homestead. Besides having piglets and raising them to sell and keep a few for butchering this fall, I have gotten a few new chickens for my flock, Rhode Island Reds. I have had them for years in a small town but when we moved to our homestead we switched breeds to Americana. I still have a few of those but I am back to my true love, Rhode Island Reds. I do not have a good picture of them as of this moment and the type of brooder they are in I am unable to get a decent picture. Soon I hope to have a good one to share. 

I also got 2 new youg goats to start breading this fall so I will have goats milk in the spring. I will be able to do so much with fresh raw milk. I cannot wait until then. 
This is Belle, she will be my main doe I want to breed when she is old enough. I am just dreaming of all the milk, cheese, ice cream, yogurt and soap I will be able to have because of this beautiful doe.
She is enjoying her goat pasture with her buddy, Sugar Bear which is a wether. There were no other females at the time and I knew she needed a buddy or she would be very lonely. Now I am working on finding a buck who I will be able to breed her with in the late fall.

Progress is also being made on our home, slow but sure. Here is an updated picture.

The porch has all the framing needed to be completed with my tin roof and all. The ramp is still two thirds finished which I asked Mr. Farmer to finish it soon. We will see what Mr. Farmers next step is, he has alot of projects on his list. Today and my one son went to pick up some of the board and batten we ordered from a local miller. So by winter we should be closed in externally. That will be a blessed day!

More projects include the gardens. I have a few pictures of them. We have already been enjoying broccoli, cauliflower and basil from our gardens. Such a beautiful abundance. We should be having jalapeno peppers and zucchini soon.

As we all work to provide for our families and increase the efficiency of our homesteads, I hope and pray we will be successful and abundant.


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