Friday, November 8, 2013


I have be at a lose for words lately. Must be the homesteader slump I have been feeling since our garden did not produce well at all this year. My only conclusion has been Mr. Farmer put too much manure on it, too late. It is on manure overload.

The pigs are doing great, for of then will be getting butchered in the next few weeks. It looks like Lucille is expecting to deliver again in the next 2-3 weeks. Lorenzo had done his duties soon after he arrived on the homestead, even though Lucille was not friendly to him and still is not friendly to him or anyone else. Lucille is always putting him in his place. She is a don't mess with me kind of gal.

Mr. Farmer has been so busy all summer repairing fencing and adding electric fencing so the pigs do not route themselves out under the fencing. They did that once early summer and needless to say, one neighbors was not to happy about our pigs. 

I had to buy eggs yesterday! My chickens are molting at this time and I am not getting any eggs. Such a bummer. I definitely will be adding to my flock in the spring. It just does feel right buying eggs on for the homestead.

The only new news I have is I fractured my left wrist in three places like a dummy. I was coming home from visiting a friend driving my 4-wheeler and all of a sudden I was flipping. I protected my head at all costs, so in turn my left wrist took the brunt of my accident. All I think that happened was I glanced as 2 dogs coming at me, hit  pot hole which sent me up the side of the mountain and flipped. So it does not matter how old you are you still can be prone to dumbness. I am truly grateful that is all that was injured.

My front porch floor decking is completed. Now to get siding on our home and finish the porch would be just wonderful. We keep going back and forth what siding we will be using. I would really like would and Mr. Farmer wants vinyl. So we will see what we end up with.

Blessings from the Homestead!

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