Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Lorenzo has landed on Bountiful Homestead

My front porch may not be finished but I am enjoying it anyways!!

Lorenzo is our new Tamworth boar that will be the breeding pig for our farm. He is quite handsome. He has a little lighter coloring than Lucille but his personality is nicer. I hope to get a picture of him later today when Mr. Farmer gets home from his errands. Lorenzo is about half the size of Lucille. Considering she is a 500 pound pig, I think Lorenzo is just right at 250 pounds but he will continue growing because he is fairly young yet.

Mr. Farmers pride and joy...

Now the relationship between Lucille and Lorenzo is quite interesting. Lucille scares the devil out of Lorenzo. For his first week on the homestead Lucille would not even allow him in the barn, she would physically beat him up, he learned to run quickly from her when she came towards him. It did not take him long to learn who is top pig on this homestead. So he sleep outside in the barnyard as far away from her as possible.

Now he can get near her a little closer and she doesn't beat him up. The other morning he was able to get within 5 feet while being in the barn. YEA, progress is being made. Maybe when Lucille comes into heat she will be even more receptive of him.

We have been picking lots of pickles and a hand full of tomatoes from our garden so far. We have been enjoying lots of cucumber and tomato salad with dinner every evening. All of our Roma tomato plants died this season, whether it has been from all the rain we have been getting or too much fertilizer in the garden I am not sure. I am grateful the round tomatoes are growing. We have also been getting quite a few zucchini and enjoying fried zucchini throughout the day. I just use a little olive oil and slice the zucchini into the size of coins, sprinkle a little salt on them and coat them with panko bread crumbs. They only take 5 minutes to cook if that long and they are delicious.

Dinner is all handled already. Potato soup in the crock pot, Italian herb bread rising and will make cucumber and tomato salad right before eating.

My relaxation therapy..... my fire pit!

Hopefully later today, I will be able to get back on here with pictures and finish my post.
Have a blessed day.