Friday, July 5, 2013


Been in a rut with writing recently. Although I did take myself on a short trip with a long drive about 2 weeks ago. Needed some time away to think. Unfortunately I did not grab the camera. I went to Chincoteague, VA. Beautiful place, beautiful beaches on Assateague and I was able to see dolphins by 7 am each morning. It is about an 8 hour drive from here and if you hit it at the right time of day, it is not a bad drive. Lots of time for prayer and meditation, that what this whole trip was for anyways. The weather was not too hot and not too cold. I did leave a day early because it was suppose to have bad storms coming the day I planned to leave.

I called it my woman's retreat, just what I needed. Peace, tranquility and me time. Not worrying about anyone else. Centering myself. Took my scriptures, journal and lunch to the beach each morning, set myself up behind the fisherman and enjoyed each day until it was dinner time. I was on the beach by 6:30 each morning, just because I wake up early when I camp. Going that early you get your choice of spots on the beach too. I would take an afternoon nap and when I woke the beach was mobbed all around me.  hehehe

Around the farm, all the pigs are out to the big pasture now. Mr. Farmer worked tireless hours securing all the fencing so he would not have to chase pigs all over the mountain. Oh would that ever be hilarious. The see to like having a lot more room to adventure around and explore. Even though I have one neighbor who complained about them smelling. Mr. Farmer went down and was smelling around and did not smell a thing, especially since they do have such acreage to roam now. I just think she is afraid of momma pig, all 500 + pounds of her. I would not like to meet her in the dark, I have seen how she throws her piglets around, especially when food is around. Even though Lucille lets me scratch her head.

One big piglet, they are growing so quickly and so beautifully.

Lucille is a little on the muddy side here. She mad her own mud bath out in the new pasture and you can sure tell she spends a lot of time in there.

Another area a lot of time is put in is the gardens. My herb garden has such poor soil, I hope to improve it each year. But my basil is growing and my zucchini are growing. Not many other herbs have made it except my rosemary bush. Thank goodness, I love rosemary.

Zucchini plant has blossoms so I should be picking vegetables soon. YEA!

I started to take some pictures of the big veggie garden and thunder started to roll in, so I came back into the house. Better safe than sorry. Mr. Farmer picked cucumbers and green beans from the garden yesterday and they were delicious!

I started trying to work on some hobbies again. I made a candle holder that is etched glass. That was fun. I am not sure how well you can see it in my picture but here it goes....
It actually came out quite cute but I had to put a little of Chincoteague sand in it to help the candle stand flat. Who knew the bottom inside of these glass containers are not flat.

Well I better get back to work at taking inventory of my food storage and see what I need to put up/can this year. I have been busy dusting it and organizing by date. Here is where I have some, then I have shelving units upstairs in the loft. As long as you like veggies, you won't get hungry here. :D

Enjoy your holiday weekend.


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