Sunday, July 21, 2013

Porches Beginnings !

I am pleased to say after living here almost 3 years for me, that my front porch has began. A girl can always dream. When it is done, it will have a roof, railings and a handicap ramp off the side.

I must say I ordered my rocking chair to be delivered. Not from where I was going to get it because I went and looked at them 2 days ago and they looked more cheaply made and they cost $50.00 more each. So screw that. I will see if I can get a pic of the one I ordered. Not tech savvy so we will see.

Farmer friend starting the measurements for us. The porch runs the entire length of the front of our home and it runs 10 feet straight out. So when I have a roof and it rains I can sit outside on the porch and enjoy the storms in the mountains.

The framing had begun. Now remember they were doing all this work on a day it was 100 degrees out and kept working until someone miscalculated amount of wood needed and did all they could. I feel so blessed to have Mr. Farmer and farmer friend in my life. They help each other out all the time. You also have to remember I do not have air, by choice. So....if you are hot you got to sit in front of a box fan to cool down. Although they did get rained on a few times which help cool down their bodies and obviously they took their "Union" breaks and drank a cold beverage.

This is the end they ran out of decking board, so we will need to have some more delivered. But all is good, I have plenty of deck to enjoy!

Here you can see the tail end of Zoey who was afraid of going on to the decking. She kept running up the stairs and would turn around and go back down because she did not want to walk across the deck to get into the house. Silly girl...

As you can tell our home still needs tons of work to be done but it has to wait until funds are available. But boy am I enjoying living the mountain life. My beginning of my dream porch. The stairs are temporary, they will go on the back door. As you can see we still need siding, we are going back and forth on what we are going to get. I want wood, Mr. Farmer wants vinyl siding. When I was talking to an older friend she kindly reminded me as we get older, we are not spring chickens anymore, that we should get vinyl because it will be a lot less work for Mr. Farmer than the wood will because wood have an upkeep routine that should be followed. So we may end up with vinyl. BUT I still got my 10 foot porch, which I had to fight for until farmer friend told Mr. Farmer I was right 10 foot would be best.

Excuse the messy yard, I used to get stressed over it but now it is just part of a construction yard. Maybe by winter it will get cleaned up. I was promised siding by winter this year.

I think I am off to bake a chocolate cake with chocolate icing since it feels a little cooler today.


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