Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Spring has definitely Sprung!

With the temperature being close to 80 degrees today I think it is safe to say Spring is here Sweet tea is made and in the fridge and cooling.

Mr. Farmer has been diligently working on fence repairs by cutting down locust trees and getting them ready to replace old worn fencing around the farm. There are many looses dogs that run all over our farm at night especially and we need to protect our pigs. I have no doubt that mama, Lucille, will protect her piglets at all costs.With her being larger than myself, I do not even try to handle her babies. Once her babies grow some more, we will start handling them so they are more use to human touch than Lucille is. Unfortunately I think Lucille was not handled much at her previous home. Oh if anyone knows someone who grows Tamworth pigs, please message me at the bottom of the post. We are looking for a male Tamworth to use for breeding our females we plan to keep from Lucille's litter.

Speaking of pig, I must say one pig provides a lot of meat. We still are eating pork from the ones we had butchered last summer. I haven't named the girls we are keeping yet but anyone that I know that will be butchered will have a name related to a pork product. That always helps me remember their purpose here and not get upset when they are off to butcher. I love these animals.
I would need to add that the piglets are now double the size they appear in this photo. Mr. Farmer has been so busy during daylight hours I have not been able to go down to the barn and take new pictures.But soon I will. Maybe tomorrow, I am heading to NJ to my daughter-in-laws baby shower and also getting to visit with my parents while I am there for the weekend.

I planted some of my herb garden but am waiting on planting more once our nights become a little warmer. I went out there to plant yesterday and I noticed my basil and dill did not look 100% healthy. I am not sure if it from the cold at night or if it was the major load of manure Mr. Farmer blessed my herb garden with. Only time will tell. The soil was so poor where this garden is it will take a few years to get the soil up to par.
I painted a sign for my garden, kind of a gentle reminder to Mr. Farmer what goes into my little garden area. hehehe It doesn't appear very straight but it did while I was painting it. I must have been holding my head crooked. Oh well, I used what I had on hand and in general it serves it's purpose. Herbs waiting to go in garden.

At the end of the month Mr. Farmer promised me he would, with the help of a son that will be visiting, fence in my future milk goat yard. Mr. Farmer will also build them a goat house with a milking parlor. Now I need to find 2 Sannan does at a reasonable price so I can have fresh milk to drink, make cheese, butter, ice cream and soap. The dairy goats will be kept up the hill near our home in the side yard. I guess I have to move my fire pit. I will gladly sacrifice my fire pit to once again have my Sannans. Never know if I find some in NJ this weekend I will be bringing them home, SURPRISE!

Well that's all that is happening on the homestead at the moment. I am off to do some mending.


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