Friday, May 31, 2013

New Post Just for Mike

hahaha....Mike did not notice the post I posted three times for him to see for my Birthday post, in which, his wife, Liz took all the beautiful picture driving down our country road.

So this one is for you Mike. DON"T miss it!

Potatoes waiting for me to turn them into Potato Salad. I had already cooked them and already boiled the eggs. It is just a matter of mixing everything together for dinner tonight. This will be served with Crock pot Cheesy Chicken. YUM.

My favorite garden clogs. They are so much easier for me to walk on our hills than any other shoe I own. Forgive the swollen right ankle. I fractured it about 1 1/2 years ago and it stays swollen and doesn't have full mobility. These hills is had on it. But I do have to give it some forgiveness because this is the second time I had fractured the same ankle in my lifetime. I am blessed it still works. The little red dots on my clogs are adorable little lady bugs. How cute is that?!

Here is the infamous dairy goat pasture that now takes up the entire right side of or yard up near the house and includes half of the front yard. This is the project that Mr. Farmer, Mike and Joe worked all day on one day last week. Then on the second day Mike and Mr. Farmer finished all the fencing. Now we just need to attach the gate and Mr. Farmer needs to build a small goat house that has an attached milking parlor for me to take care of my ladies. My goal is to have 2 dairy goats, specifically Sanaans. We had this breed about 25 years ago and I love them. The give a good hearty milk that I can do many things with. I will be drinking fresh cold milk, making butter, using in cooking, making ice cream and using it to make soap.  Boy are my fingers ever itching to get to milking again. Thanks guys for getting this much done over a two day period.
Mr. Farmer will be raising his meat goats down with the pigs and the male breeding goat I will also have for the appropriate times. He has the big barn down there and plenty of fenced in pasture in that area. He is down there now finishing the gates so he can let Lucille into the big pasture to graze. Right now she has a small area of pasture and she is such a big girl at 500 pounds, she just needs more room. She will be so grateful. She is such a sweet heart. Not very friendly to anyone but allows me to scratch her head. I will get her to love me as much as I love her yet.
Tonight, Saturday and Sunday Mr. Farmer is planning to go try and help some farming friend haying. He will probably be the "go fer" since he hasn't hayed in years upon years. Our farmer friends/family/neighbors have help us so much, teaching us and actually helping us, Mr. Farmer definitely wants to donate his hands and time to help repay their kindness. I think of our 7 mile road as family, they would all help if need be. I am so appreciative.
This is another angle of the dairy goat pasture that you cannot even see the end of because it goes slightly down the hill to the edge of our driveway. You know that killer driveway that when I walk up it, I have an asthma attack and tachycardia like crazy. Thank you Joe and Amanda for letting me use your 4 wheeler so I don't drop on the driveway trying to walk it.
As you can tell from my basil plant in my herb garden, something is not quite right with the soil. I really feel Mr. Farmer put way too much manure in it. When I get out again, I am planning to pick up some plain old top soil, no additives. As you will see with a few other plants in my herb garden, they also do not quite look right. But I do know if I keep working at the soil every year, this garden will improve..You can tell I am back taking my pictures, please excuse mu shadows. Boy I need to be more aware of the camera.
My leaf lettuce is beginning to be ready to pick, so I suppose I am making a nice fresh green salad to go with dinner tonight. Again, that's my shadow. Sorry!
One of my 4 zucchini plants that are planted on the end of the herb garden are growing but seem to be suffering a little with the soil. So I will be adding some topsoil to them also.
One plant that seems to be doing well in the garden is my rosemary bush. Thanks goodness, I love rosemary!
Well off to finish making our potato salad and enjoy the rest of the day.

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