Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Spring on the Homestead

It has been in the 80's and sunny the past couple days here on the Homestead. Today is another beautiful inspiring day! I haven't seen budding on my tress but yesterday I noticed buds and tiny leaves on the bushes/vines running along side of our road. If I get a chance to get down the mountain today I will take pictures of them and maybe someone can tell me what they are. I have been thinking of clipping a bunch and make a wreath for my bathroom since that is the only completed room in our home except for there is no door, just a sheet hanging to ack like a door. I want to put a barn door there.
Picture of the homestead. You can see we are starting to see some green on the ground. We do hace so much dirt that turns into very deep mud but we will deal.  Loving this mountain. You can see my clothes line to the right but I also have a clothes line in our loft since it seems to have alot of rain showers and storms on this homestead. I am not complaining just making adaptions because I refuse to get a dryer. We moved here to downsize and I am determine to continue doing just that.

I started my herb garden yesterday. Although it is in a pot instead of the herb garden. I did it this way this year because Mr. Farmer was a little too generous with the manure in my herb garden and now I will need to get some topsoil to add to it.

My favorite herb; rosemary. I have never killed a rosemary bush until last year. Apparently it did not like my rocky herb garden. Once I get topsoil it will be replanted in the garden where it belongs. You must know I am going to baby this herb for a long time. I have gotten an other herbs in yet but there will be more to come.
Spartucus is enjoying his new home and the ladies sure does seem to love him. He does crow now but it is not quite like any other crow I have experience, it sounds like a mans voice and not extremely loud. It is a wonderful voice. I have named my ladies yet, I tend not to name my hens but if anyone has any suggestions I would be open to them.

Forgive my makeshift chicken run but I had moved to the homestead about 6 months before Mr. Farmer and I had to put up the run myself and really did not figure out how to make a proper run. One day when I enlarge it, it will be more structured. I do have it so no more animals can kill my ladies.

Lucille's piglets are doing well. She had 5 females and 2 males. We have not been able to get very close to them because Lucille is one protective momma. Mr. Farmer will need to in the near future though to castrate the males. Mr. Farmer does have a wonderful farmer friend, who raises cattle that helps him when necessary. I am so grateful. This picture was taken 2 days ago. You can see the piglets are still kind of small but adorable. One is near Lucille's nose.
Well Mr. Farmer is down the mountain near the barn repairing another hog shelter. I must get busy with my spring time chores.


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