Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Soap Making

I had made soap many years ago with the help of my youngest son. Since then I had not made anymore. Life was very busy with full time outside the home work and going to school evenings. So, needless to say many of my homestead type skills have deteriorated. I tried to make soap about 9 months ago which was not successful, the soap did not set up. I decided to take a class from Suzanne at Chickens in the Road blog. Here is her site if you want an enjoyable time reading of her adventures or sign up for classes she offers. She set up a class per request and we made both cheese and soap. I learned how to make soap using an old crockpot, it was a wonderful easy process. It was an enjoyable afternoon. Since then I have been able to make soap again, which is such a blessing.
So now I am the proud producer of a basket full of homemade soaps. These soaps clean wonderfully. At Christmas time I made up baskets to give away and homemade soap was one of the items in the basket. I am not sure how my daughters-in-laws feel about homemade soap but this is the way we will be going on the homestead. I have them sitting in a metal basket I originally bought to gather eggs in, dumb idea. The metal basket cracked my eggs, so now it is my soap basket and is proudly displayed in our bathroom near the bath tub. Behind it you can see a bunch of store bought soap my husband bought before I started making soap again. He always grabs the homemade now. YAY!
 This is my door less bathroom. The only room completed in our homestead home even though it is door less. I want a barn door made for this room.
This room may be small but fully functional for 2 adults. When my sons and daughters finished for me I felt so overwhelmed and grateful.

Yesterday, Mr. Farmer was planting our 50 pounds of seed potatoes. A few days before he planted our broccoli and cabbage. Mr. Farmer also ran errands and bought me some basil, parsley and dill for my herb garden which I have not planted yet. If tomorrow is nice, I will be in that garden for sure.

Boy, I cannot wait until they grow enough to start using in my cooking. Especially bruchetta!

Well that the newest happenings on the homestead.


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