Friday, April 26, 2013

Old skill reinvestigated!


I haven't quilted in many years. Life had become too busy between working and going to school for my BSN. But I have just started my quilting again and no matter what I will not put it on a shelf again. It is such a joyful process. Quilting brings a sense of peace and accomplishment. My quilts are never perfectly made. I choose to make an educated error in every single quilt I make. That way it is always unique.

Here is a baby quilt I made for my first grand baby that is due in August. A baby quilt is a good project to get back into it because it is much smaller and quicker to put together than a full sized quilt. I almost always tie baby quilts because they tend to get thrown into the washing machine frequently. This I learned when my children were small after spending hours and hours actually quilting their quilts. I do love the quilted ones better but I am using the practical side of my brain these days.

I was intending to add a border with purples that included flowers and bugs and dots but it did not look very nice, the border was too dark so I opted for a white border with abc's and then the fabric from the back for the binding. I hope this appears as a universal quilt and not too boyish, as my grand baby is going to be a little girl. I used the blues because I loved the dragonflies on it.

Yesterday I was able to pick up some really gorgeous strawberries on my way home from work and instead of making strawberry shortcake I decided to make stuffed strawberries. They did not look so great but they tasted grate. They were stuffed with a cream cheese, powdered sugar and orange liqueur filling. Maybe if I make them again, I will need to find my cake decorating tips to fill them more neatly. As you can see, I used a snipped corner on a plastic lunch bag and just jammed the filling in them. Not so pretty.
This is a simple and easy dessert. You all should try it!

Well that is all from the homestead today. Off to make some jelly.


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