Thursday, April 4, 2013

Lucille's Piglets

Lucille had our first on the farm piglets last Thursday! She had extreme difficulty with the birth process but all is well on the homestead. Thank goodness for our farmer friend down the road. Mr. Farmer called him as soon as he realized Lucille was in labor. took about 5 hours for Lucille to give birth to her 7 piglets originally. She birthed the first piglet just fine but the the piglets were stuck so our farmer friend took the olive oil and helped her (went in and turned and pulled out) her other 6 piglets. Lucille was not cooperative and very mean in the beginning as I was told. But once our farmer friend was able to start helping her she calmed down. When Mr. Farmer came in at 1 am after all was said and done, I asked if she had birthed her placenta etc. He said yes. Well surprise, surprise the next morning there was another little piglet born and living. But unfortunately during the night Lucille must have accidentally laid on one and it didn't survive. So there was actually eight little piglets Lucille was carrying but seven have survived.

Lucille is one protective momma! We cannot go near her little ones at all, she get a grunting and all defenses. It is adorable how when one little piglet may start to wander she actually tells it get back here because what I observe is that little piglet get back to where Lucille want them. At night the piglets make a pig pile right next to and touching their momma. So they all bunch together and stay warm. This farmer cannot wait until I can hold and cuddle the cute little piglets. I want them to be used to human touch and interaction. Lucille does not seem to have been given much human interaction. But I have been able to scratch her head but she appears scared of me and she can be mean to Mr. Farmer. I want the batch of piglets we keep to be use to touch and care.

Well, it seems spring has sprung a little here today. The temp. is to get close to 60 and the sun is shinning although we are to have rain tonight. Here is my first evidence of spring.
I am not seeing any buds on the trees yet but at least we have a few beautiful daffodils blooming. Daffodils make me smile even on the gloomiest of days.
Finally here is my Zoey enjoying the spring day. I finally was able to get her to sit still enough to take a pretty good picture. She is 7 pounds full of vinegar. She thinks she is a much bigger dog and is not afraid of anything but Mr. Farmer. She disappears up the mountain at times and I have to yell and yell to get her back into the house. I just pray every time I let her out that there will not be any wild animals out there. She would be a 2 bite snack. A horrible thing to think but she does love to romp around and chase after rabbits. She is my little buddy.
Hope everyone has a blessed productive spring day!

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