Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Today is the first day of spring and we are expecting snow tonight. We also had alot of snow all day on Saint Patty's Day. Which we celebrated Easter with my son and his wife because we thought they were going to be away on Easter. Come to find out they won't be away so this year we get to celebrate Easter twice. YEA...

It's the first day of spring and I already I feel like I live in the mud bowl. Hopefully our mud won't get any deeper. The mud is already above my ankle and growing deeper because we live on a mountain side and it seems to drain under my home. Now I understand why our home was built up off the ground.

This is actually looking out my front door going down our driveway towards the barn down the mountain. You can probably call it hill but to me being originally from flatland, it is a mountain.

I finally remembered to take a picture of my pretty blue/green eggs. They are so fresh and delicious and another benefit, I do not have to dye Easter eggs, save a step for me.

I love my chickens and would like to just get a few Rhode Island Reds again. They are the kind I have raised over 20 years and love the huge brown eggs they give you. But I am very please with my Ameraucana ladies. Now we will see when it gets a little warmer if they will set on fertilized eggs and I will have some hatchlings. That is my hope anyway.
No piglets yet. We were not given an exact due date when Mr. Farmer picked up Lucille. I can't wait to see some little piglets running around the barn. It's all protected so no wild animals will be able to get them.
Well, enjoy the first day of Spring! It is 46 degrees here with expectation of snow. Boy I cannot wait until it is more sunny and slightly warmer here but I would not change living here on the Homestead for anything in the world.

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