Thursday, March 14, 2013

New Woman on the Homestead

Lucille has come to live and produce on Bountiful Homestead. She is a beautiful Tamworth Hog. Mr. Farmer went to Virginia to a Hog farm and had chosen her. He built a special box/crate that fits in my son's truck perfectly and Mr. Farmer took the 3 hour drive to pick her up. She sure is sassy. Weighing approximately 400 pounds, she lets you know what she is thinking by using her size. She was bred before we bought her and she should be due to deliver shortly. Mr. Farmer states she is getting grumpy so we are assuming she is coming closer to delivery. Today Mr Farmer and our farmer friend built a special nursery box in the barn to help keep the piglets more contained.

We had such a good experience with last years hogs, Bacon and Porkchop and the meat was the most delicious pork I had ever tasted, so tender. Lucille and a couple of her female piglets are going to be keepers and we will need to purchase a bore when it becomes time to breed them next fall.

We also own 3 new chickens this year, they lay blue eggs and they are finally all producing their eggs everyday. My old Rhode Island Reds went to my DIL stew pot. They were no longer producing and had become mean. A farmer neighbor friend felt the girls needed a male companion. So one day he came over with a beautiful red rooster in a burlap bag. Needless to say he was a surprise but a wonderful suprise. He did not crow for the longest time and now that he crows, it is not a normal crow, it sounds like a mans voice out side. He gives me a good laugh and he is a gentle rooster. His name is Spartacus. I still have to think of names for the girls come to think of it.

This week has been busy on the homestead, loads of manure have been spread in the big vegetable garden and our farmer friend came and plowed it under for us. Then I looked out my front door and my Mr, Farmer was spread manure in my herb garden by hand. We will need to till that under shortly. I now have to think what herbs I am going to try to grow again this year. Last year my herb garden was not so successful. But hope prevails.

Beautiful Lucille when she first moved to Bountiful Homestead. I really hope all her piglets look just like their momma. Raising pigs and chickens have been such a blessing and a learning experience for both Mr. Farmer and myself.

My next goal is to get two Sanaan milk goats that will be housed and pastured up the mountain near our home. This way it will be easier for me to go out the front door for milking morning anf night. We had goats approximately 25 years ago but then moved where we could no longer have them. So I am excitedly waiting for the day Mr. Farmer build my goat house with an attatched milk palor. I will be in my glory, I will have plenty of milk to use in cooking, drink, making cheese and making homemade soap. I have been honing these skills now so when my goats make it to the homestead, it will feel like a natural process.

I will try to be more diligent in what is happening on the Homestead.


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