Thursday, March 28, 2013

Lucille is in Labor!

Mr. Farmer and a farming friend are now down at the barn being Lucille's midwives. Never thought Mr. Farmer would be ready and willing for this adventure. He grabbed the olive oil and some rubber gloves in case a piglet is turned sideways and he has to help turn it. I am so excited. I wonder how many piglets Lucille will have and I pray she has no problems. She is such a beautiful hog

.I hope to go down when it's light out and take some pictures of Momma and piglets tomorrow.

Lucille picked a good night to go into labor. It is suppose to be sunny and warm tomorrow, With all the snow storms we have had lately it has been cold.

I just realized I have not posted any of our many small snow storms, so here you go. This is what I have...

This was one of our earlier snowstorms. It is a wonderful thing to watch the flurries come out of the sky and land so beautifully on the landscape. Hint, it covers my mud bowl! That's a good thing.

Now the last snow storm we had was Tuesday, just a little stressful because I had to drive to the doctor's that day but the road were clear. I was very grateful but still stressed out during my 40 minute drive on these mountains. I wonder if I will ever get use to driving these mountains. Boy are they beautiful even in the dead of winter.    Blessings!

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