Friday, March 15, 2013

Homestead in Progress

I may talk about the homestead making it sound complete except for all the animals and gardens we want to raise. But that is far from the truth. Yes we own 60 acres of mountainside. It is a beautiful but very muddy area and boy is this mud slippery. I feel I am on my butt more in the mud than on my feet making progress. But overall I am in love with our homestead.

We have been living here but with circumstances beyond out control our home is not as far along as I would have liked but I am still very grateful to be here. It is beautifully quiet. We are the last home on a small very windy road and one gentleman owns the top of the mountain. So, there is not much traffic except for an occasional 4-wheeler going by. We built our home up on a ledge of the mountain away from the road and protected for privacy by trees. I see no other neighbors no matter what window I look out.

Here is our home as is at this point in time...

This picture shows the front of our cabin. I just realized this picture is 3 pictures in one. The front of the house is flat, the left side of this picture is actually a separate picture of the side of the house and the right is the herb garden. The steps to the right is our front door. The sections to the right with the double window is my kitchen and the small window is the bathroom. Sorry for the odd picture, not sure what I did with the camera. That is another thing I am learning. The right half of the picture is my herb garden that is actually about 30 feet in front of our home. The roofing is evergreen colored tin. I love the sound when it rains.

I have been promised by Mr. Farmer the outside of the home will be completed before next fall.  This next picture shows what it will look like once it is completed.

This is a board and batten cabin with the green tin roof, just like I have dreamed of for over 20 years.
Not sure where I got the above picture from but it was in the web at one time. This is how I explained to Mr. Farmer how I wanted the cabin built. So far so good.
Inside has alot of work to be done but I will be fully content with the outside getting done. Mr. Farmer just needs to get a couple extra hands to help him complete this project.
Well that's where we are with the home building, livable but will be beautiful once the exterior get on there this year!


  1. It looks like it is coming along. Living in the mountains is so much different than living in South Jersey.

  2. Sure is different but I love it and would not change a thing! So peaceful and when it is lightning bug time they start at the ground and you see millions going straight up to the sky. A beautiful sight, never had that in Jersey.

  3. So pretty -- and peaceful -- and sweet! My very best to you, Luann -- you are on the right track -- oxox