Saturday, November 16, 2013

Thanksgiving Preps!

"A grateful heart… comes through expressing gratitude to our Heavenly Father for His blessings and to those around us for all that they bring into our lives."
President Thomas S. MonsonThe Divine Gift of Gratitude, October 2010 General Conference
Thanksgiving is the beginning of our winters' holidays. I love fall and winter. Fall has a crispness in the air that seems to clean the air. Fall is when I love to begin baking again. Summer is usually to hot and there is so much work to do putting up food for the winter.
Our fall leaves have dropped so quickly this year that I have no beautiful pictures to share.
Here on the homestead we have had out first snow last week. We had approximately 2 inches that stayed around just a mere 2 days. But it was beautiful and peaceful.
This was taken on the second day. Now just an hour south of here, their snow had been all melted by this time. I am so thankful to live on this mountain and the beauty it brings.
I did make one new Thanksgiving craft this past week. Although I cannot turn the candle on inside with my wrist brace still on. It is a wire pumpkin with some fall embellishments wrapped around a grungy candle that is battery operated, so it makes the perfect centerpiece for the table.
Tonight is a beef stew and fresh dinner roll kind of night. I tried to take a picture of the rolls after being baked and the battery on my camera died. So just picture the risen rolls all toasty brown and yummy.
Enjoy the fall evening and think of all the blessings  and experiences you have been given to be thankful for. 


 Dieter F. Uchtdorf  “No matter our circumstances, no matter our challenges or trials, there is something in each day to embrace and cherish. There is something in each day that can bring gratitude and joy if only we will see and appreciate it.”

Friday, November 8, 2013


I have be at a lose for words lately. Must be the homesteader slump I have been feeling since our garden did not produce well at all this year. My only conclusion has been Mr. Farmer put too much manure on it, too late. It is on manure overload.

The pigs are doing great, for of then will be getting butchered in the next few weeks. It looks like Lucille is expecting to deliver again in the next 2-3 weeks. Lorenzo had done his duties soon after he arrived on the homestead, even though Lucille was not friendly to him and still is not friendly to him or anyone else. Lucille is always putting him in his place. She is a don't mess with me kind of gal.

Mr. Farmer has been so busy all summer repairing fencing and adding electric fencing so the pigs do not route themselves out under the fencing. They did that once early summer and needless to say, one neighbors was not to happy about our pigs. 

I had to buy eggs yesterday! My chickens are molting at this time and I am not getting any eggs. Such a bummer. I definitely will be adding to my flock in the spring. It just does feel right buying eggs on for the homestead.

The only new news I have is I fractured my left wrist in three places like a dummy. I was coming home from visiting a friend driving my 4-wheeler and all of a sudden I was flipping. I protected my head at all costs, so in turn my left wrist took the brunt of my accident. All I think that happened was I glanced as 2 dogs coming at me, hit  pot hole which sent me up the side of the mountain and flipped. So it does not matter how old you are you still can be prone to dumbness. I am truly grateful that is all that was injured.

My front porch floor decking is completed. Now to get siding on our home and finish the porch would be just wonderful. We keep going back and forth what siding we will be using. I would really like would and Mr. Farmer wants vinyl. So we will see what we end up with.

Blessings from the Homestead!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Lorenzo has landed on Bountiful Homestead

My front porch may not be finished but I am enjoying it anyways!!

Lorenzo is our new Tamworth boar that will be the breeding pig for our farm. He is quite handsome. He has a little lighter coloring than Lucille but his personality is nicer. I hope to get a picture of him later today when Mr. Farmer gets home from his errands. Lorenzo is about half the size of Lucille. Considering she is a 500 pound pig, I think Lorenzo is just right at 250 pounds but he will continue growing because he is fairly young yet.

Mr. Farmers pride and joy...

Now the relationship between Lucille and Lorenzo is quite interesting. Lucille scares the devil out of Lorenzo. For his first week on the homestead Lucille would not even allow him in the barn, she would physically beat him up, he learned to run quickly from her when she came towards him. It did not take him long to learn who is top pig on this homestead. So he sleep outside in the barnyard as far away from her as possible.

Now he can get near her a little closer and she doesn't beat him up. The other morning he was able to get within 5 feet while being in the barn. YEA, progress is being made. Maybe when Lucille comes into heat she will be even more receptive of him.

We have been picking lots of pickles and a hand full of tomatoes from our garden so far. We have been enjoying lots of cucumber and tomato salad with dinner every evening. All of our Roma tomato plants died this season, whether it has been from all the rain we have been getting or too much fertilizer in the garden I am not sure. I am grateful the round tomatoes are growing. We have also been getting quite a few zucchini and enjoying fried zucchini throughout the day. I just use a little olive oil and slice the zucchini into the size of coins, sprinkle a little salt on them and coat them with panko bread crumbs. They only take 5 minutes to cook if that long and they are delicious.

Dinner is all handled already. Potato soup in the crock pot, Italian herb bread rising and will make cucumber and tomato salad right before eating.

My relaxation therapy..... my fire pit!

Hopefully later today, I will be able to get back on here with pictures and finish my post.
Have a blessed day.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Porches Beginnings !

I am pleased to say after living here almost 3 years for me, that my front porch has began. A girl can always dream. When it is done, it will have a roof, railings and a handicap ramp off the side.

I must say I ordered my rocking chair to be delivered. Not from where I was going to get it because I went and looked at them 2 days ago and they looked more cheaply made and they cost $50.00 more each. So screw that. I will see if I can get a pic of the one I ordered. Not tech savvy so we will see.

Farmer friend starting the measurements for us. The porch runs the entire length of the front of our home and it runs 10 feet straight out. So when I have a roof and it rains I can sit outside on the porch and enjoy the storms in the mountains.

The framing had begun. Now remember they were doing all this work on a day it was 100 degrees out and kept working until someone miscalculated amount of wood needed and did all they could. I feel so blessed to have Mr. Farmer and farmer friend in my life. They help each other out all the time. You also have to remember I do not have air, by choice. So....if you are hot you got to sit in front of a box fan to cool down. Although they did get rained on a few times which help cool down their bodies and obviously they took their "Union" breaks and drank a cold beverage.

This is the end they ran out of decking board, so we will need to have some more delivered. But all is good, I have plenty of deck to enjoy!

Here you can see the tail end of Zoey who was afraid of going on to the decking. She kept running up the stairs and would turn around and go back down because she did not want to walk across the deck to get into the house. Silly girl...

As you can tell our home still needs tons of work to be done but it has to wait until funds are available. But boy am I enjoying living the mountain life. My beginning of my dream porch. The stairs are temporary, they will go on the back door. As you can see we still need siding, we are going back and forth on what we are going to get. I want wood, Mr. Farmer wants vinyl siding. When I was talking to an older friend she kindly reminded me as we get older, we are not spring chickens anymore, that we should get vinyl because it will be a lot less work for Mr. Farmer than the wood will because wood have an upkeep routine that should be followed. So we may end up with vinyl. BUT I still got my 10 foot porch, which I had to fight for until farmer friend told Mr. Farmer I was right 10 foot would be best.

Excuse the messy yard, I used to get stressed over it but now it is just part of a construction yard. Maybe by winter it will get cleaned up. I was promised siding by winter this year.

I think I am off to bake a chocolate cake with chocolate icing since it feels a little cooler today.


Friday, July 5, 2013


Been in a rut with writing recently. Although I did take myself on a short trip with a long drive about 2 weeks ago. Needed some time away to think. Unfortunately I did not grab the camera. I went to Chincoteague, VA. Beautiful place, beautiful beaches on Assateague and I was able to see dolphins by 7 am each morning. It is about an 8 hour drive from here and if you hit it at the right time of day, it is not a bad drive. Lots of time for prayer and meditation, that what this whole trip was for anyways. The weather was not too hot and not too cold. I did leave a day early because it was suppose to have bad storms coming the day I planned to leave.

I called it my woman's retreat, just what I needed. Peace, tranquility and me time. Not worrying about anyone else. Centering myself. Took my scriptures, journal and lunch to the beach each morning, set myself up behind the fisherman and enjoyed each day until it was dinner time. I was on the beach by 6:30 each morning, just because I wake up early when I camp. Going that early you get your choice of spots on the beach too. I would take an afternoon nap and when I woke the beach was mobbed all around me.  hehehe

Around the farm, all the pigs are out to the big pasture now. Mr. Farmer worked tireless hours securing all the fencing so he would not have to chase pigs all over the mountain. Oh would that ever be hilarious. The see to like having a lot more room to adventure around and explore. Even though I have one neighbor who complained about them smelling. Mr. Farmer went down and was smelling around and did not smell a thing, especially since they do have such acreage to roam now. I just think she is afraid of momma pig, all 500 + pounds of her. I would not like to meet her in the dark, I have seen how she throws her piglets around, especially when food is around. Even though Lucille lets me scratch her head.

One big piglet, they are growing so quickly and so beautifully.

Lucille is a little on the muddy side here. She mad her own mud bath out in the new pasture and you can sure tell she spends a lot of time in there.

Another area a lot of time is put in is the gardens. My herb garden has such poor soil, I hope to improve it each year. But my basil is growing and my zucchini are growing. Not many other herbs have made it except my rosemary bush. Thank goodness, I love rosemary.

Zucchini plant has blossoms so I should be picking vegetables soon. YEA!

I started to take some pictures of the big veggie garden and thunder started to roll in, so I came back into the house. Better safe than sorry. Mr. Farmer picked cucumbers and green beans from the garden yesterday and they were delicious!

I started trying to work on some hobbies again. I made a candle holder that is etched glass. That was fun. I am not sure how well you can see it in my picture but here it goes....
It actually came out quite cute but I had to put a little of Chincoteague sand in it to help the candle stand flat. Who knew the bottom inside of these glass containers are not flat.

Well I better get back to work at taking inventory of my food storage and see what I need to put up/can this year. I have been busy dusting it and organizing by date. Here is where I have some, then I have shelving units upstairs in the loft. As long as you like veggies, you won't get hungry here. :D

Enjoy your holiday weekend.


Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Friday, May 31, 2013

New Post Just for Mike

hahaha....Mike did not notice the post I posted three times for him to see for my Birthday post, in which, his wife, Liz took all the beautiful picture driving down our country road.

So this one is for you Mike. DON"T miss it!

Potatoes waiting for me to turn them into Potato Salad. I had already cooked them and already boiled the eggs. It is just a matter of mixing everything together for dinner tonight. This will be served with Crock pot Cheesy Chicken. YUM.

My favorite garden clogs. They are so much easier for me to walk on our hills than any other shoe I own. Forgive the swollen right ankle. I fractured it about 1 1/2 years ago and it stays swollen and doesn't have full mobility. These hills is had on it. But I do have to give it some forgiveness because this is the second time I had fractured the same ankle in my lifetime. I am blessed it still works. The little red dots on my clogs are adorable little lady bugs. How cute is that?!

Here is the infamous dairy goat pasture that now takes up the entire right side of or yard up near the house and includes half of the front yard. This is the project that Mr. Farmer, Mike and Joe worked all day on one day last week. Then on the second day Mike and Mr. Farmer finished all the fencing. Now we just need to attach the gate and Mr. Farmer needs to build a small goat house that has an attached milking parlor for me to take care of my ladies. My goal is to have 2 dairy goats, specifically Sanaans. We had this breed about 25 years ago and I love them. The give a good hearty milk that I can do many things with. I will be drinking fresh cold milk, making butter, using in cooking, making ice cream and using it to make soap.  Boy are my fingers ever itching to get to milking again. Thanks guys for getting this much done over a two day period.
Mr. Farmer will be raising his meat goats down with the pigs and the male breeding goat I will also have for the appropriate times. He has the big barn down there and plenty of fenced in pasture in that area. He is down there now finishing the gates so he can let Lucille into the big pasture to graze. Right now she has a small area of pasture and she is such a big girl at 500 pounds, she just needs more room. She will be so grateful. She is such a sweet heart. Not very friendly to anyone but allows me to scratch her head. I will get her to love me as much as I love her yet.
Tonight, Saturday and Sunday Mr. Farmer is planning to go try and help some farming friend haying. He will probably be the "go fer" since he hasn't hayed in years upon years. Our farmer friends/family/neighbors have help us so much, teaching us and actually helping us, Mr. Farmer definitely wants to donate his hands and time to help repay their kindness. I think of our 7 mile road as family, they would all help if need be. I am so appreciative.
This is another angle of the dairy goat pasture that you cannot even see the end of because it goes slightly down the hill to the edge of our driveway. You know that killer driveway that when I walk up it, I have an asthma attack and tachycardia like crazy. Thank you Joe and Amanda for letting me use your 4 wheeler so I don't drop on the driveway trying to walk it.
As you can tell from my basil plant in my herb garden, something is not quite right with the soil. I really feel Mr. Farmer put way too much manure in it. When I get out again, I am planning to pick up some plain old top soil, no additives. As you will see with a few other plants in my herb garden, they also do not quite look right. But I do know if I keep working at the soil every year, this garden will improve..You can tell I am back taking my pictures, please excuse mu shadows. Boy I need to be more aware of the camera.
My leaf lettuce is beginning to be ready to pick, so I suppose I am making a nice fresh green salad to go with dinner tonight. Again, that's my shadow. Sorry!
One of my 4 zucchini plants that are planted on the end of the herb garden are growing but seem to be suffering a little with the soil. So I will be adding some topsoil to them also.
One plant that seems to be doing well in the garden is my rosemary bush. Thanks goodness, I love rosemary!
Well off to finish making our potato salad and enjoy the rest of the day.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Wordless Birthday Wishes

....... to Myself and all to enjoy.  Thank you Liz for taking these pictures. This is the reason I am in such a joyful place, just look at what I see every time I drive down 7 miles of my road!

How could I possibly not feel the greatest joy on earth every time I open my eyes to the beautiful mountains I live in.


Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Productive Week!

This past week has been full of fun and adventures here on the homestead. Mr. Farmer is down in the lower pasture starting to run some electric fencing on the bottom half of the heavy fencing we have throughout the homestead. He had a surprise one day, he went down to the lower pastures and some awnry piglets had gotten out of the pasture by pushing the bottom of the fencing and escaping.  Hehehe, I can just picture Mr. Farmer chasing pigs and them out running him but all was good he got them back into pasture. Momma Lucille just stood at the fence line and bellowed at all the commotion. Mr. Farmer said you should have heard one of the piglets when he picked it up. He was screaming like he was being put to death. So hopefully the electric fencing will keep them in the pasture and keep them safe.

Last week, I think it was then anyways, I posted a picture of my Zucchini Bread. Well, I am trying to remember to post the recipes along with the pictures. So here you go the recipe that goes with my Zucchini Bread, so moist and delicious.

Zucchini Bread

3 eggs
2 cups sugar
2 cups shredded zucchini
1 cup oil
2 tsp. vanilla
3 cups flour
1 tsp. salt
1 tsp. baking soda
1 tsp. baking powder
2 tsp. cinnamon
1/2 tsp. nutmeg
1/4 tsp. cloves
1/2 cup chopped nuts
1/2 cup raisins (optional)

Beat eggs until foamy. Stir in sugar, zucchini, oil and vanilla. Gradually add dry ingredients and spices and nuts. Pour into bread pans that have been sprayed (PAM) only on the bottoms. Bake at 325 degrees for approximately 60-80 minutes. Cool 10 minute. Remove from pans and cool completely on racks. If you can wait that long. We always enjoy warm fresh bread, so it never cools all the way. I store in plastic containers and a lot of the time I freeze the 2nd loaf for later use. ENJOY!

Then I next made my Oat about scrumptious. Here is that recipe before I forget to blog it. I have such a list of things to accomplish my mind goes in a thousand directions.

Oat Bread

1 pkg. dry yeast (I use 1 tablespoon of yeast)
1/2 cup warm water
1 cups of quick oats (or any kind you prefer)
1/2 cup freshly ground whole wheat flour
1/2 cup brown sugar
1 tablespoon salt
2 tablespoons butter
2 cups boiling water (I use hot tap water)
5-6 cups unbleached flour

Dissolve yeast in warm water. In a large bowl combine oats, whole wheat flour, sugar, salt, and butter. Pour boiling water over all the dry ingredients and mix well. when mixture is cooled to a lukewarm stir in the yeast. Stir in approximately half of the flour. Turn onto floured surface and knead in remaining flour. Place in a greased bowl. Cover and let rise until double in size. Punch down. Shape into 2 loaves and place into greased bread pans. Let rise again. Bake at 350 degrees for 30-40 minutes. Cool on rack and brush loaves with softened butter for a soft crust. ENJOY!

Nothing like home baked bread! YUM!

One last project that I will mention today is a wreath I decided to make for my bathroom. I had not made a fabric wreath for many many years and to be honest I forgot how long it takes. I actually wore my finger on my right hand to the bone. Probably because I have old pinking shears and you have to cut alot of 2 inch square to complete this wreath. It is worth every millimeter of skin I lost because everything I walk past the bathroom, I smile and enjoy its beauty.

Herb garden is completely planted, lets see what is next I can get into.


Saturday, May 11, 2013

Plants Every Where!

Plants have taken over our kitchen table! We have plum tomato plants, round tomato plants, bell peppers, ghost peppers, jalaphnia peppers and more herbs. I cannot wait to get them planted.Then I will have room for my cooking and baking.

This is what 2/3 of my table looks like. Needless to say we have not been eating at the table. Mr. Farmer usually sits at the one uncrowed area and I tend to sit in the living room. All the same room really but two different areas.

Right now I have zucchini bread in the oven and potatoes boling to make potato salad before my potatoes go bad. Next on the list is to bake a batch of oat bread. Having the plants on the table is an issue because I have no counter space except for my hoosier and my 1/3 of the table to use. So unorganized at this time.

Next rpoject I am pushing mr. Farmer to get accomplished is to make my bathroom door. Mr. Farmer kept insisting it would not work but I knew it would. This past weekend I was in NJ for a baby shower and to see my parents. I went to the Amish market there and as I am walking down the isle, low and behold, what did I see? The exact door I want for my bathroom, so of course I took picture to prove I knew what I was talking about. Now I have a picture posted on my fridge with a kind reminder not written on it.

Here is what I am going to have.

.The perfect bathroom door for my tiny hallway that leads to the ultility room. Now to light a fire under Mr. Farmers butt.  hahaha

Back to work on the homestead.


Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Spring has definitely Sprung!

With the temperature being close to 80 degrees today I think it is safe to say Spring is here Sweet tea is made and in the fridge and cooling.

Mr. Farmer has been diligently working on fence repairs by cutting down locust trees and getting them ready to replace old worn fencing around the farm. There are many looses dogs that run all over our farm at night especially and we need to protect our pigs. I have no doubt that mama, Lucille, will protect her piglets at all costs.With her being larger than myself, I do not even try to handle her babies. Once her babies grow some more, we will start handling them so they are more use to human touch than Lucille is. Unfortunately I think Lucille was not handled much at her previous home. Oh if anyone knows someone who grows Tamworth pigs, please message me at the bottom of the post. We are looking for a male Tamworth to use for breeding our females we plan to keep from Lucille's litter.

Speaking of pig, I must say one pig provides a lot of meat. We still are eating pork from the ones we had butchered last summer. I haven't named the girls we are keeping yet but anyone that I know that will be butchered will have a name related to a pork product. That always helps me remember their purpose here and not get upset when they are off to butcher. I love these animals.
I would need to add that the piglets are now double the size they appear in this photo. Mr. Farmer has been so busy during daylight hours I have not been able to go down to the barn and take new pictures.But soon I will. Maybe tomorrow, I am heading to NJ to my daughter-in-laws baby shower and also getting to visit with my parents while I am there for the weekend.

I planted some of my herb garden but am waiting on planting more once our nights become a little warmer. I went out there to plant yesterday and I noticed my basil and dill did not look 100% healthy. I am not sure if it from the cold at night or if it was the major load of manure Mr. Farmer blessed my herb garden with. Only time will tell. The soil was so poor where this garden is it will take a few years to get the soil up to par.
I painted a sign for my garden, kind of a gentle reminder to Mr. Farmer what goes into my little garden area. hehehe It doesn't appear very straight but it did while I was painting it. I must have been holding my head crooked. Oh well, I used what I had on hand and in general it serves it's purpose. Herbs waiting to go in garden.

At the end of the month Mr. Farmer promised me he would, with the help of a son that will be visiting, fence in my future milk goat yard. Mr. Farmer will also build them a goat house with a milking parlor. Now I need to find 2 Sannan does at a reasonable price so I can have fresh milk to drink, make cheese, butter, ice cream and soap. The dairy goats will be kept up the hill near our home in the side yard. I guess I have to move my fire pit. I will gladly sacrifice my fire pit to once again have my Sannans. Never know if I find some in NJ this weekend I will be bringing them home, SURPRISE!

Well that's all that is happening on the homestead at the moment. I am off to do some mending.


Friday, April 26, 2013

Old skill reinvestigated!


I haven't quilted in many years. Life had become too busy between working and going to school for my BSN. But I have just started my quilting again and no matter what I will not put it on a shelf again. It is such a joyful process. Quilting brings a sense of peace and accomplishment. My quilts are never perfectly made. I choose to make an educated error in every single quilt I make. That way it is always unique.

Here is a baby quilt I made for my first grand baby that is due in August. A baby quilt is a good project to get back into it because it is much smaller and quicker to put together than a full sized quilt. I almost always tie baby quilts because they tend to get thrown into the washing machine frequently. This I learned when my children were small after spending hours and hours actually quilting their quilts. I do love the quilted ones better but I am using the practical side of my brain these days.

I was intending to add a border with purples that included flowers and bugs and dots but it did not look very nice, the border was too dark so I opted for a white border with abc's and then the fabric from the back for the binding. I hope this appears as a universal quilt and not too boyish, as my grand baby is going to be a little girl. I used the blues because I loved the dragonflies on it.

Yesterday I was able to pick up some really gorgeous strawberries on my way home from work and instead of making strawberry shortcake I decided to make stuffed strawberries. They did not look so great but they tasted grate. They were stuffed with a cream cheese, powdered sugar and orange liqueur filling. Maybe if I make them again, I will need to find my cake decorating tips to fill them more neatly. As you can see, I used a snipped corner on a plastic lunch bag and just jammed the filling in them. Not so pretty.
This is a simple and easy dessert. You all should try it!

Well that is all from the homestead today. Off to make some jelly.


Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Soap Making

I had made soap many years ago with the help of my youngest son. Since then I had not made anymore. Life was very busy with full time outside the home work and going to school evenings. So, needless to say many of my homestead type skills have deteriorated. I tried to make soap about 9 months ago which was not successful, the soap did not set up. I decided to take a class from Suzanne at Chickens in the Road blog. Here is her site if you want an enjoyable time reading of her adventures or sign up for classes she offers. She set up a class per request and we made both cheese and soap. I learned how to make soap using an old crockpot, it was a wonderful easy process. It was an enjoyable afternoon. Since then I have been able to make soap again, which is such a blessing.
So now I am the proud producer of a basket full of homemade soaps. These soaps clean wonderfully. At Christmas time I made up baskets to give away and homemade soap was one of the items in the basket. I am not sure how my daughters-in-laws feel about homemade soap but this is the way we will be going on the homestead. I have them sitting in a metal basket I originally bought to gather eggs in, dumb idea. The metal basket cracked my eggs, so now it is my soap basket and is proudly displayed in our bathroom near the bath tub. Behind it you can see a bunch of store bought soap my husband bought before I started making soap again. He always grabs the homemade now. YAY!
 This is my door less bathroom. The only room completed in our homestead home even though it is door less. I want a barn door made for this room.
This room may be small but fully functional for 2 adults. When my sons and daughters finished for me I felt so overwhelmed and grateful.

Yesterday, Mr. Farmer was planting our 50 pounds of seed potatoes. A few days before he planted our broccoli and cabbage. Mr. Farmer also ran errands and bought me some basil, parsley and dill for my herb garden which I have not planted yet. If tomorrow is nice, I will be in that garden for sure.

Boy, I cannot wait until they grow enough to start using in my cooking. Especially bruchetta!

Well that the newest happenings on the homestead.


Saturday, April 13, 2013


Here is one brave little piggy. Momma Lucille was not all that pleased with her little one coming toward me and seeing what I am all about. Lucille kept grunting at her trying to get her to listen and I kept reassuring Lucille I would not hurt her babies. I was able to take a pretty decent picture of this little girl.
Isn't she adorable? Yesterday I went down to the barn for my daily visit and the piglets were in a pig pile in the shade outside the barn. So Cute! They were all piled up taking a nap and the runt was on top of them all. When Lucille saw that I was coming she went over to protect her babies. This is her usual response, a very protective momma.
Last post I mentioned I wanted to make a wreath for my bathroom out of some vines along the road. Well I went down to take a picture. Those vines have thorns so I guess I will have to search for some other vines.
Friday night dinners tend to be easy dinners. We love pizza and living on the mountain there is no delivery service that we were use to having. So I learned how to make a wonderful pizza. Now bought pizza does not even compare. We would chose homemade over bought hands down.
Half is green pepper that we preserved from last summer and half was pepperoni and ground sausage. For the sauce I use the spaghetti sauce we canned from last summers garden. I tried making cheese once here on the homestead and it did not turn out so you can imagine that is a project I will be working on this year until I am successful. :D The crust is homemade also. Here is the basic recipe, you can switch out flour type if you want. Sometimes I make whole wheat from wheat I grind and sometimes I use white flour and other times I use half wheat and half white , which is the best.
Pizza Dough
3 1/4 cups flour
1 Tablespoon olive oil
1 Tablespoon Safe yeast
1 teaspoon salt
1 cup warm water
1/2 teaspoon sugar.
Preheat oven to 500 degrees.
Dissolve yeast in water and add sugar.
In large bowel add all dry ingredients together.
Mix liquids and dry ingredients.
Knead for approximately 3 minutes
Cove bowl with plastic wrap and allow to rise until double. (approx. 40 minutes)
Punch down, form ball
Sprinkle pizza pan with cornmeal.
Place dough on pan and press out or roll out for form crust.
Let rise about 15 minutes.
Add sauce, cheese and toppings.
Bake approximately 20 minutes. I always check it at 10 minutes and it is usually done at that time.
Many Blessings on this beautiful spring day!